May 27 – June 8, 2013

Sorry I’m late with this comments section.  I’m late with everything this week.  I’m especially late with my marking.  It is time to cry a bit now.


5 thoughts on “May 27 – June 8, 2013

  1. I am wondering anew whether its just Casey running from plot exposition, or whether this is also true of Kari…

  2. Is “expecially” an alternate spelling of especially? I didn’t know about that one.

  3. Earthgirl: no, it isn’t. It’s a silly typo I thought I had corrected, but apparently not. It’s fixed now.

    Mercenary Pen: yes, it’s a valid question. I shall attempt to behave very soon.

  4. Kari: Oh, ok. It’s hard to keep track of you Canadians and all of your different spellings. 😉

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