June 24 – July 6, 2013


Okay, I’m holding a contest.  I may as well repeat the rules here so they’re handy:

1)  In the comic posted on Friday, June 21st, Barbara blurts out, “The mouse came back to life because Marie was–“, then shuts herself up.  She now seems to be having more luck keeping her secret, whatever it is.  However, those of you who are frustrated at all the non-information should note that Barbara will complete the sentence soon.  Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to complete the sentence yourself.  You should do this by posting in the comments section.  Those who guess correctly will be awarded one point (phrasing doesn’t have to be exact, but the gist has to echo what Barbara actually says).  I’ll also award one point to the answer I deem the most creative.

2)  Here’s the catch:  the sentence will be completed (or the general idea of what Barbara would have said if she hadn’t stopped herself will be revealed, at any rate) at some point over the course of the next two weeks.  This could happen in the very next comic, or it could happen five comics from now.  And…you get only one try.  If you submit your try now, you won’t risk missing the floating deadline, but it’s possible you’ll miss further clues.  Or maybe you won’t.  Who knows?  Torture is fun.

3)  So…submit your answers to the comments section.  Repetition is permissible (i.e., if you think someone who has already submitted is correct, you may steal the answer); it is therefore possible for more than one person to “win.”  There will be a contest every week (yes, even if this first one hasn’t ended by Monday, I’ll post another one then).  At the end of the summer, the points will be tallied, and the person with the most of them will eventually win a signed copy of the as-yet-nonexistent WoB collection.

Go to it, everyone.  May the odds be ever in your favour.


22 thoughts on “June 24 – July 6, 2013

  1. “The mouse came back to life because Marie was the Bad Wolf and made the mouse into a fixed point in time.”

  2. “The mouse came back to life because Marie was subconsciously trying to create a distraction.”

  3. On T-shirt sizes: even if you already have a (say) medium shirt from one store and want to order *the same* shirt, but in a different color. No guarantee it will be the same size ‘medium’.

  4. Emily: that’s true. It’s funny how shoe sizes are relatively standard, but shirt sizes seem almost completely arbitrary.

  5. What I lack in accuracy, I will make up in creativity:

    “The mouse came back to life because Marie was the mouse the whole time!”

    How does that make sense? Marie is actually a shape-shifter, though she does so unconsciously, and has not, to date, remembered any of her transformations. Casey is an alien from a very, very distant galaxy who was sent here to study our planet, who also has (much less powerful) shapeshifting abilities. The mouse came about when Marie changed into a blob-creature and then changed back. While transformed, a bit of her dripped off onto the carpet, and was, unbeknownst to either of them, still alive. Casey figured out that this fragment of Marie was alive when a mouse touched it and the bit of Marie turned into a copy of the mouse. That was a bit of a giveaway. He tried to catch the Marie-mouse, but failed. After a while, though, he came into possession of the deceased remains of Marie-Mouse. He knew it was her because of alien shape-shifting-detection powers that make total sense. Reviving the Marie-mouse required contact with some part of Marie that was still living. He ended up getting a bit of her blood when she got a papercut. He revived the mouse, gave it a tracking device (an ALIEN tracking device) and set it free, hoping to gain a deeper understanding of Marie’s transformative abilities. The mouse has mostly just run around since then, though.

    Incidentally, Marie’s transformative powers are also the reason she can create fires. Her transformative abilities regard fire elementals as perfectly legitimate creatures. And, finally, she doesn’t have to transform all the way, duh. Just a little fire elemental will go a long way.

  6. “The mouse came back to life because Marie was (subconsciously) wishing it would.”

    That’s the way she created those fires – I think. And got out of the burning house – by wishing there would be a way out. She just doesn’t know that her wishes alter reality, and is probably even unconscious of some of her “bad” wishies (like things burning). She might be a Q – either by being the child of two Q in human forms, or a Q who was brainwashed and turned into human as a punidhment. In that case, the continuum forgot to wipe her powers completly. Casey is probably either of the Q or the M continuum.

    NB: My sentence might be right even if my background is wrong (which it probably is, as Kari is more into fairy tales than Star Trek).

  7. The mouse came back to life because of SHINY OBJECT! *points to some unndefined thing behind Marie*

  8. No, it was about how bankers in Canada are regulated and believe greed is bad, you all apparently trust them, and there haven’t been any banking crises in Canada in a long time. Part of a series of segments where they go to other countries to disprove Americans that say, “but we can’t pass X, it’ll never work!”

  9. “The mouse came back to life because Marie used the Apple of Eden to bring the mouse back to life.” Marie is an assassin by blood and her parents were burned alive by Abstergo/Templars for hiding Marie for Marie is the Next Prophet and Will bring down the First Civilizations Juno! The mouse is the shred of her power, bringing things back to life and seeing the future. Evil Marie is her guide to the First Cynical Civilization and Casey is a Templar turning Assassin keeping his superiors confused by making Marie confused with “SHINY OBJECT”. But the mouse is a spy for Marie to find and seek Juno to destroy her. Evil Marie is the person or part of Marie that knows the real truth about Marie and her linage. Casey and newly initiated Assassin Barbra will take down Juno and will save the known world.
    I have a love for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and I’m geeking out here.

  10. I’ve been trying to find the original mouse comics and I just can’t. Granted, I gave up pretty quickly, but then, it’s hot and I’m lazy. Oh mighty Kari, please help

  11. The original mouse plot begins here and continues for a bit; it runs through this fornight and into the next one: http://westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst081103.html

    Hint: the archive contains little titles for every seven comics; these titles often give hints about content. The second fortnight that deals with the mouse plot is called “Of Mice and Men,” which was how *I* found it.

  12. Oops…I was really tired last night, and I forgot about the contest. I’ll post the winners now..

  13. Okay…I’ve posted the winners. I won’t repeat them in this space because the post is LONG, but the information will be forever here.

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