June 24 – July 6, 2013: Part 2

This week’s contest:

Today is Canada Day.  Hurrah for Canada.  Name what you consider West of Bathurst’s most Canadian attribute.  One point will be awarded to the answer that is the most sensible and likely to be true; another will be awarded to what I consider the most creative answer.

Please post your answer (you get only one try) in the comments section; I have opened a new comments thread this week for this purpose.  The contest ends at midnight EDT on Sunday, July 7th.  This week’s twist:  you may not repeat what someone else has said before you.  Posting early thus has certain benefits, though posting later does as well.

21 thoughts on “June 24 – July 6, 2013: Part 2

  1. As a European whohas never been to Norh America I probably won’t get this right, but I’ll try anyway:

    WoB’s most Canadian attribute are the Maple Doughnuts at Tim Hortons.

  2. Damn, and here it is 5:25 am July 1 and the poster above who has managed to post at 6:52 am July 1 – over an hour into the future – has said pretty close to exactly what I was going to say! I was going to point out the part of the plot that involves Casey and the annual Timmies pilgrimage. So maybe that’s slightly different. Timmies being a significant part of anything could only be Canadian.

  3. The timestamp seems to be GMT – I posted about 9 am local time, which is currently GMT +2 (due to daylight saving time). Obviously, Kari’s time of posting this gave us Europeans an advantage. Hee hee hee …
    Alternatively, you might consider the possibility that I have control over space and time.

  4. West of Bathurst’s most Canadian attribute: Crazy spelling, the use of ‘s’ instead of ‘z’.

  5. Not being Canadian, I’ll have to guess that the most Canadian attribute is the mentions of the wacky Canadian weather.

  6. I’ll be mean, and consider that nobilis is not completely correct, and say:

    the maple glazed donut! (I checked the Tim Hortons at Penn Station, New York, and didn’t find that particular flavor).

  7. I’m not sure Tim’s still carries both its original maple doughnuts, but it used to have the maple glazed and the Canadian maple, the latter of which was a Boston cream doughnut with maple icing instead of chocolate. And yes, fan, that was a little sneaky.

  8. Thanks, Earthgirl, but alas, we’re not allowed to watch that clip in Canada. I blame the American banks.

  9. Canadians are better than upers other wise known as the the people from upper Michigan. Ya der hey

  10. I read the synopsis (which was more like a series of hints as to the content of the video), but there was also a clip posted beneath it; it was unviewable in Canada.

  11. I’m definitely at a disadvantage because I’m Canadian. I say WoB’s most Canadian attribute is the mild insanity all of the characters seem to have.

  12. WoB’s most Canadian moment: Peggy Engrove (I hope I remembered her name correctly, since I don’t have time to go and find the correct comic).

  13. The most Canadian element is the location, which is clearly in Canada. Thus, all the events take place in Canada.

  14. The most Canadian element of WoB is how homelike it feels to me. I live in the northwest- the most foreign place I’ve ever been is Las Vegas, followed by LA (I was only there for a half-hour, but I my hair was especially crazy, I was wearing a large plastic “O”, I hadn’t properly slept in a few days, and I felt like the sanest person in the building), followed by California in general, followed by Canada. Mainly because when I was there, I learned that you can buy peanut butter cups in packs of 3. I mean, 3? That’s crazy! It’s got just enough foreignness that I don’t think it’s located right down the street, but other than that it seems like the sort of place where I’d feel right at home. That’s Canada in a nutshell, to me: Just foreign enough that I know that it’s not actually where I am right now.

    Oh, fun bonus fact: Coming back into the US, we set off the radiation detector. True story.

  15. I have never, ever, ever, EVER seen that in the states. It’s a sad fact that our country just isn’t perfect, and that we have a lot of work to do. Still, I do believe that one day, maybe not in my lifetime, but one day, we will be able to buy peanut butter cups in packs of three. We’ve got two, and four, and single packs, but we can’t get a pack that has exactly three in it. It shouldn’t take that long to fix. I hope.

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