July 15 – 21, 2013

The Great WoB Extravaganza continues.  In the meantime, we’re beginning a new contest.  Thus:

I see to be on a get-everything-but-the-last-panel-finished-before-exhaustion-sets-in schedule at the moment.  At any rate, here’s the Monday comic on Monday, so it’s all good.

Here’s the thing:  I shut Mercenary Pen down when he tried to guess that Master D. Ramsay would return.  Then I decided that Master Ramsay would return anyway.  So I’m going to give Mercenary Pen the point on this one.

Summer Contest #3 is still running, but it’s also time for Summer Contest #4.  Since the comic is all sort of dark and full of PTSD at the moment, let’s make it a silly contest.  Please explain how you think WoB is going to end…IN LIMERICK FORM.  That’s right:  only entries that are also limericks will be accepted.  Points will be awarded at my discretion.  I’m thinking a point for creativity, a point for logic, and a point for perfection of the limerick form itself (and believe me, I am very picky about this sort of thing, so it’s possible this last point will not be awarded at all).  Go to it, my poppets.  Make beautiful limericks for Marie and her friends.

Summer Contest Points Thus Far:

Earthgirl 1
Dances With Fish 1
Nobilis 3
Erwaro 2
Laura 2
Preethi 2
Lumair 2
Fan 1
Mercenary Pen 1

27 thoughts on “July 15 – 21, 2013

  1. So that’s how you want to stop me? By forcing me to write poetry in … but … wait … you didn’t specify the language, did you?

  2. Uh-oh…

    Warning, however: there are only certain languages I can actually read. English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Latin all have at least a minor chance of being understood by me. If you decide to write the limerick in Klingon, I’ll probably just stare at it in incomprehension for a bit.

  3. Help me, my mind won’t stop trying to do limericks! Not in Klingon, unfortunately, or Elvish either. But here are a few in other languages (with different endings):

    Poor Marie lives oft in illusion –
    Can there be a logic solution?
    Will Casey unveil
    What happened for real?
    No, we shall all drown in confusion!

    Casey är säkert djävulen
    Han blev ur helvetet stulen.
    Barbara vinner
    och Marie hinner
    att finna ett jobb inför julen!

    And a bonus for lovers of German fairy tales:

    Es war einmal Jungfer Marie
    nach Leiden so glücklich wie nie.
    Und alle die Leute
    sie leben noch heute,
    wenn nicht schon gestorben sind sie.

  4. And you were complaining about it being a limerick contest! And here are three beautiful limericks in three different languages…

    Could you possibly provide translations for the nice people? I think I’ve got the entirety of the Swedish one (which is very amusing), and I recognise the fairy-tale formulae in the German one, but others may not be so lucky, and it would be a shame for them to miss out on your cleverness. Google Translate can only help to a certain extent.

  5. Kari, I wasn’t complaining about the limerick form, but the advanced difficulty of writing a poem in my third language. So I tried my forth language as well. Just because.

    Here come the translations (NOT in limerick form):
    Casey is certainly the devil, he was stolen out of hell. Barbara wins, and Marie manages to find a job before Christmas.

    Once upon a time, damsel Marie was, after her suffering, happy as she had never been before. And all those people are still alive today, unless they have died already.
    (“Es war einmal” and “Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute” are usual beginning and end of a fairy tale in German.)

  6. Ah, I see. You should note, however, that the English limerick is very good. There’s one little half-rhyme with “solution,” and “Marie” needs to be wrenched in metre to work, but it’s much, MUCH closer to proper limerick form than I usually see with these things, and it’s funny and clever to boot.

    I’m glad to see I got the Swedish translation more or less right. I recognised the German fairy-tale formulae but was having trouble with the “damsel.” I’ve got to say you’re going to be a hard act to follow; your limericks are all funny, they all make sense, and they all work nicely as limericks. People are going to have to rise to the challenge of keeping you from winning all three points.

    Oh…and in case anyone is wondering, there is no limit on the number of limericks you may submit. They must be in by next Sunday at midnight.

  7. Hopefully this is just my first:

    In July, dear Marie goes quite mad
    In August, Casey will become sad
    Basil can’t toe the line
    Though the print may be fine
    The consequences…well, they’re bad

  8. There once was a fiend from old Davies
    Though some said he dwelled down in Hades
    Marie would not let him be,
    SHINY OBJECT! Said he,
    To the fury of all of the ladies.

    (I think the scansion’s a little bit off, but it’s as good as I can get- there is a reason I usually steer clear of poetry- and yes, this ending amounts to “nothing will ever be explained”)

  9. Now Casey’s a misunderstood
    Field agent and with time he should
    Find out Evil Marie
    Is as real as could be,
    But sometimes she dreams that she’s good.

  10. Ah – someone brought the shiny object in – but the apocalypse and the ukelele are yet missing.

    May I try to correct my first limerick?

    Marie often lives in illusion –
    Can there be a logic conclusion?
    Will Casey unveil
    What happened for real?
    No, we shall all drown in confusion!

  11. Nobilis: Now it’s perfect in metre and rhyme. Nicely done.

    Keep ’em coming, everyone. You’ve had some great ideas so far.

  12. A Latin limerick for today’s comic. Clearly, I’m mad.

    Maria est omnis divisa
    in partes tres: prima est visa,
    tunc mala Maria,
    et iunior Maria –
    est nimis Cassio confisa!

    (Marie is divided into three parts: the first one is seen; then (there is) Evil Marie, and Younger Marie – she has trusted Casey too much!)

  13. Des mots sont employés
    pour déguiser sa pensée
    par Casey le diable –
    si c’est pas faisable,
    il montre une chose bien lustrée.

    (Words are used to disguise his thought by Casey, the devil. If that’s not possible, he points to a shiny object.)

    I’ll stop now. I hope.

  14. There once was a stranger from hell
    Who never spoke the truth
    And concealed all the proof
    Was he Satan? Who could tell?

    I looked up how to write Limericks. Hopefully my powers of Google did not fail me.

  15. Hi, Dances With Fish. You’re missing your second line. Otherwise, you’re on the right track. Feel free to give it another go. Check out some of the other limericks above for the basic form.

  16. My first ever limerick (written with help of directions from Google). because I like to make random wild guesses that are normally totally outside the expected line of thought…

    There was once a guy named Casey
    No one was sure if he was crazy
    There was also a girl named Marie
    Whom Casey decided he wanted to marry.
    Now will that happen, only Kari can tell.

  17. There once was a stranger from hell
    Who wasn’t as clear as a bell
    He never spoke the truth
    And concealed all the proof
    Was he Satan? Who could tell?

    I always manage to forget something.

  18. A Canadian lass named Dumont
    Felt denial of guilt an affront
    Though she’d pushed blame behind:
    But she had to unwind
    So she wandered, the Fates to confront.

    (and I’m not even getting into Casey as the “Groucho” type-foil for Marie’s “Margaret Dumont”)

  19. There once was a girl from Vancouver,
    Who was the comic’s prime mover.
    When Casey went mad,
    It made her so sad,
    that to save him she did manouver.

  20. The apocalypse is tonight,
    but there is no reason for fright:
    See Casey’s dismay!
    Hear Barbara play
    the bright ukulele of light!

  21. There once was a woman from Davies
    Whose life was chock-full of “maybe”s
    What’s going on with the plot?
    I can’t sleep-I forgot
    Oh, yeah- Basil goes down to Hades.

    Right now, Marie wants to scream
    Until Santa brings her some ice cream
    The tuba goes swish
    Also, Casey’s a fish
    In the end, it was all just a dream.

    I know the first one doesn’t quite rhyme, but, in my defense, all of the three main lines kinda don’t rhyme in the same way. Also, I’m pretty sure that second one isn’t the real ending.

    Pretty sure.

  22. I can’t promise a lot of things, but I CAN promise that it is not “all just a dream.” That’s an ending I loathe.

  23. Here is my attempt:

    There once was a girl name Marie
    who was constantly tortured by her psyche
    Did she murder her parents
    Or dream the whole experience
    Is Casey the devil or is she?

  24. The people from Davies are nuts
    The closet door may have been shut
    Marie never knew
    What was actually true
    But Kari will do what is just.

    Casey liked Marie, so he kissed her
    They fought, but he found out he missed her
    And then fires began
    The undead mouse ran
    And guess what! Marie was his sister!

  25. By the way… Judging by Denver time, that was in WAY before midnight… hopefully that’s taken into account?

  26. It was still before midnight Toronto time too. The little time thingy on the website says it’s now just after 4:00 a.m., but it’s actually just after midnight here. I should eventually change the time thingy.

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