August 12 -18, 2013

And here we have it, folks:   Monday’s comic is going up before bedtime.  The winner of Summer Contest #7, with three points, is therefore Tuxgeo, the only one of you who picked “7.”  Admittedly, I was trying for 7; there was no guarantee I would achieve it, but I was certainly motivated to aim for it.

Let’s see…what should our next contest be?

Summer Contest #8

Casey seems set to reveal something this week…or does he?  What will his revelation be?  Points will be awarded as follows:

1)  If you get it right, you’ll earn three points.

2)  The answer that strikes me as the most diabolically ingenious, even if it turns out to be inaccurate, will earn two points.

3)  If you cop out and guess that Casey will squirm out of revealing anything yet again, and you turn out to be correct, you’ll earn one point.

Am I playing mind games with you?  Yes…yes, I am.

Answers must be in before the revelation happens…if it does.  This may or may not give you much time.


I would also like to mention, as a sort of mini-Rant (the Rants are on hiatus at the moment because the comics are taking up so much time), that the death of my Wacom tablet (this is not what most people now think of as a tablet; it’s one of these), which I use to edit comics, forced me to replace it today.  Well…it wasn’t entirely dead, but it was dying and thus quite difficult to use.  I had to decide between getting another Bamboo–the cheapest type of Wacom tablet–and upgrading to an Intuos.  I went for the Intuos, and so far, I like it.  I feel disloyal to my poor Bamboo, but the Intuos is just more responsive.  In the process of getting it, I also discovered yet another Toronto mall complex.  Toronto seems to have an awful lot of mall complexes.  I passed two on the way to this one, and I knew there was at least one more a short bike ride away.

Summer Contest Points Thus Far:

Earthgirl 1
Dances With Fish 3
Nobilis 7
Erwaro 5
Laura 5
Preethi 2
Lumair 5
Fan 2
Mercenary Pen 1
Tuxgeo 4
Errol 3
Tarina 2

10 thoughts on “August 12 -18, 2013

  1. Casey’s going to reveal that he’s been relentlessly selling his memories in exchange for a better life.

  2. I’ll go with my previous theory. Casey’s going to reveal that Marie has been Satan the whole time, but she had traded places with Casey way back in the day. Casey tracked her down and decided to try and trick her at the hospital by pretending that he wanted to trade places with her (possibly actually switching bodies) for a while rather than a regular deal. In fact, once they traded places, she’d be stuck forever since it would really be a switch back.

    Then again, the rumors could be true and Casey could really be a Time Lord stuck in some alien child’s fairy tale construction. (This isn’t a serious guess. It would just be awesome.) (This is not part of the contest. I just couldn’t help myself.)

  3. Casey will want, very badly, to remain his old reticent self. He recognizes, however, that things haven’t been working. And so he proposes a bargain. He offers to tell Marie everything, but with two caveats. First, “Everything” covers only what he remembers that is relevant to his relationship with her (not in that sense, you know what I mean), which may not be much. And second, for that information, Marie has to help him get all of his memories back, as well as properly sorted out. And the deal doesn’t include anything he re-learns in that way, though he might (MIGHT) be willing to part with slightly more.

    His revelation won’t be everything (duh), but it will hit a few crucial points, including the fact that Casey has been around, in some form or other, for a LONG time, mostly because of supernatural reincarnation abilities that will probably never be fully, or at all, explained. Based on what he can remember, he THINKS that he probably made contact with Marie after the fire, based mainly on her hallucination and the fact that it seems to be the sort of thing he would do. He thinks also that he was lying to her for a long time, though he doesn’t now remember for sure, nor does he remember anything about what he was lying about. I mean, yeah, the whole supernatural reincarnation thing, but there was more to it than that.

    In other words, revelations that mostly open up a huge can of worms, and a pact, such as it is, to find out more, with a tacit understanding that when and if they succeed, Casey won’t reveal anything else.

  4. Aw, man, I didn’t even consider the possibility of Casey being Zaphod Beeblebrox! Stupid plot twists.

  5. Casey will reveal something – but it will be mostly lies.
    Sometime these days, he will say to Marie: “No, I am your father.” Which would be possible, as he has been around for a LONG time. And of course Marie’s parents aren’t her real parents – in a story, they never are, even your aunt and uncle aren’t really your aunt and uncle (only if it’s your second and third cousin, once removed, then it might be true and you weren’t exchanged by elves after all).
    BUT: Casey is lying, as usually. Marie’s real father is a backward aging pirate living in another universe, which can be reached through a vortex in the couch in the basement (which is why Marie is so attached to that place).

    And: Marie’s memories are wrong, that’s why she has so much trouble with them. When crawling through that “tunnel” in the burning house, the real Marie Dumont went through a portal to fairy-tale world, where she now works for Frau Holle as Pechmarie (having grown up in the 20th/21st century, she doesn’t know how to deal with a fairy-tale household). The Marie we know came through the other way, escaping thraldom in Frau Holle’s household. To cover this up, Marie’s memories have been tampered with, resulting in her annual crisis when the real memories try to break through. Even when deciding to confront her memories, Marie couldn’t go further back than the tunnel – for obvious reasons. Casey is, of course, also from fairy-tale world and followed Marie – only time will tell whether he means well or not, but given that he is the fairy-tale devil the probability lies strongly on one side. Quite a number of other WoB characters come also from fairy-tale world, through different portals and with different amount of memories. Barbara, for example, knows that Casey is the devil.

  6. I think Casey will reveal that he himself, a very long time ago, had a deal with the Devil. In this deal, he has gained immortality (and potentially other powers). What he has not realized is that the powers granted to him did not extend to improving his memory to cope with the centuries and centuries of memories he has accumulated (deals with the Devil often being tricky). To gain help, Casey has endowed Niko with some of his powers in return for Nico’s loyalty. Nico is bound by same of the conditions that bind Casey. Perhaps due to his degenerating memory, at some point after giving powers to Nico, Casey has failed to keep some condition of the deal, and is now damned to torment in Hell. However, he can be temporarily released if he finds someone else willing to make a deal with the Devil.

    Of course, being Casey, he will not reveal all of this. He will only admit to having made a deal with the Devil a long time ago and having memory problems.

  7. I was going to get floatingly drunk and post something prevocative (yes, “prevocative,” not “provocative;” deal with it!) (in the same sense that “prescribe” is the opposite of “proscribe”); but I actually like Emily’s answer better.

  8. I note that there was no erasing in the latest “Barbara marks abysmally written paper” strip- unlike in the first- there is a part of me that is glad that I do my damnedest to make sure I get apostrophes right.

  9. Yes. Sometimes, Barbara lets her unfiltered comments stand. Of course, she may simply never hand the student that particular sheet of paper, but I like to think that over the course of the last seven years, she has slowly ceased to care about making a good impression and now just goes around telling the truth. Her students likely fear her a great deal.

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