September 2 – 14, 2013

Okay…still behind, obviously, but here, at long last, is Monday’s comic.  We’re back around to the start of term again, so let’s walk through the gate.

The beginning of school has marked the end of the series of summer contests.  Summer Contest #10 asked people to go on a Great Badger Hunt and find all the badgers mentioned in WoB.  It was a rather cruel contest, but several of you undertook it.

Here are all the badgers you (collectively) found: (also in alt-text) (also in alt-text) (alt-text) (also in alt-text) (alt-text)

You were awarded one point per badger.  Only one of you got the full eight points.  The results are:

8 points:  cs24

7 points:  Laura, Nobilis

6 points:  Erwaro

4 points:  Tuxgeo

When the points from all ten contests are added together, Erwaro comes out on top with  19 points; Nobilis follows with 18.  They are so close, and some of the contests were so subjective, that I shall be generous and award both Erwaro and Nobilis free WoB collections, which are easy to give away because they don’t exist yet.  Laura, who came in third, will get something.  Someday.  I think.  Right now, I’m too tired to figure all this out.

Thanks for participating, everybody.  It was a lot of fun, and you produced some great stuff.  Badger badger badger.

Summer Contest Points Thus Far:

Earthgirl 1
Dances With Fish 4
Nobilis 18
Erwaro 19
Laura 13
Preethi 2
Lumair 5
Fan 3
Mercenary Pen 2
Tuxgeo 9
Errol 3
Tarina 2
Emily 3
Quasihumanist 3
Tobias 1
cs24 8

28 thoughts on “September 2 – 14, 2013

  1. Yeah, thank you, Kari! For the fun contests, and also for awarding me a wobby collection. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Mercentary Pen: Sure. A print of some kind would work too. We shall see. Third place is contingent on the existence of the book, which is currently merely a thought experiment.

    And you’re welcome, guys.

  3. Yay! Badgers!

    Yes, thank you for the contests. I love actually having an excuse to put my strangeness to work. Usually, I just use it on whatever happens to be nearby and un-strange-ified.

    De-re-un-pre-dis-combobulated, indeed.

  4. I had been waiting for anybody at all to make the crack, “I don’t gots to link to no steenking badgers!”

    That never happened. It’s just as well: nobody here needed to read that. (Oops.)

  5. House points at Davies? Does that mean that there will be a murder game at Hogwarts? *shudders* Flee, you fools!

  6. No, at least not intentionally. Students should just petrify each other, or use any other method of incapacitating someone without long-term damage. However, as they don’t pay much attention in their lessons, there are many accidential kills each year – and not all can be undone by Snape or Dumbledore …
    Kari, isn’t it, like, very early morning at your side of the globe?

  7. Yeah, it was when I answered that. Sometimes I briefly wake up stupidly early and check my e-mail for a few minutes, then go back to sleep. Why? Because I am a little bit crazy, probably.

  8. Oh, good. So you get your sleep. I was afraid all those classes you are teaching made you do a weekend all-nighter.

  9. I’d definitely consider voting for the Prix Aurora awards if I were Canadian… Since I’m not, it does seem rather bad form even if there were a way to do it (which I haven’t checked yet)

  10. No, please don’t vote if you’re not Canadian. I’m pretty sure you have to register with your street address, anyway.

  11. Yeah, that leaves me out, too. (I’m in Oregon.)
    If I recall correctly from reading older comments, it also leaves out at least nobilis (Germany) and erwaro (some crazy place).

  12. Yep…it leaves out most, if not all, of the frequent commenters. And Erwaro’s “crazy place” is Oregon too.

  13. Yes, I live in the insanity that is Portland. It used to be Corvallis, but I graduated.

    Graduation does terrible things to people.

  14. Quasihumanist: That’s right. I’m teaching five classes at the moment and have therefore been forced back to the old schedule.

  15. Okay, Okay — Portland may be crazier; but the Eugene/Springfield area, where I am, is located at 44 degrees (plus odd minutes) North latitude — the same as Toronto and therefore Davies. (That probably doesn’t count for anything, but I think it ties in fairly neatly anyway.)

  16. I think Quasihumanist is referring to the line of red text that amended your update schedule for the summer extravaganza which is still present now that the extravaganza is over.

  17. Regarding wednesday’s alt-text, every single character is a jerk- it comes with the territory of being (ostensibly) human. The problem is that few of them are deliberate jerks and thus they have difficulty stopping.

  18. Time for a terrible joke: Maybe the “bullet” being stuck in your mind is why the police could never find anything that night. HEY-O!

  19. Note for everybody else: I personally guarantee that House simply could not resist posting that. He probably hates himself now.

  20. “Yarb”: Marie is going through all the changes at once, Yo!
    (At least she had the good sense to go without Food instead of Sleep this time; we already know how badly Sleep-deprivation affects her.)

    Is it incumbent upon me to mention that the 14th of September is already past? (Is it time for a new Comments topic?)

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