September 16 – 28, 2013

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!  Or let Marie figure her life out!  Probably not both!


24 thoughts on “September 16 – 28, 2013

  1. So we are heading for a happy ending indeed: Marie is going to get a job! – Hopefully.
    (Which would mean that my limerick prophecy was correct.)

  2. What’s so bad about Lethbridge? Seems like a fine place, based on a quick google peek.

    Not that I’m accusing you of saying that there’s something wrong with Lethbridge.

    And not that I’m accusing you of assuming that I’m saying that you’re saying that there’s something wrong with Lethbridge.

    Scratch that- Lethbridge doesn’t look like a word anymore, not that it really did to begin with. So now I’ll hold that against it.

  3. Heh. No, there’s nothing wrong with Lethbridge. That’s kind of a private self-indulgent joke, as my entire family has recently moved there. However, it could be said that Lethbridge is a little…out of the way. It’s also not that close to Toronto, and it’s not exactly Toronto-sized. Rahim probably thinks of any city smaller than Vancouver as a hopeless backwater. He’s a big-city boy (as per the Canadian definition of “big city,” anyway).

  4. The Canadian definition of “Big City” is probably much larger than mine. Portland is, by far, the largest place I’ve ever lived. I moved here from Corvallis (Pop. roughly 50k), and when I moved to Corvallis, it was also, by far, the largest place I’d ever lived.

  5. Aaaaaaaaand my sister comments on the comic for the very first time because I mention the city in which she currently lives! Aaaaaaaand my brother-in-law comments on Facebook! Apparently, all I have to do to get everyone talking is mention Lethbridge. Who knew?

    Erwaro: Lethbridge has a population of around 89,000. It isn’t the smallest city ever, but it’s small to Rahim, who lives in a city containing about 2.6 million people.

  6. Well, arguably the town name could be considered a tenuous link to doctor who, after all during classic who we had the recurring character of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart…

  7. And in terms of smallest cities ever, the UK probably has most cities in Canada beat by quite a way, with St. Davids in Wales having a population of around 2,000, and Wells in England having a population of 10,000- both of which are officially cities by the somewhat screwy UK definition…

  8. Yeah, I don’t think I ever heard anyone refer to Waldport as a “City”. We did have a nice bridge, though.

  9. By the UK definition (using the Episcopal Church only), it looks like the smallest US city is The Dalles, OR at 13,000+, with Easton, MD and Faribault, MN not that far off.

  10. The saturday strip is one of the best I’ve seen in a while- consequently:
    Title of Proposal: The king lives on
    Coordinator’s Name: Mercenary Pen
    Time Frame: September 30th 2013, 12am-1am (BST)
    Materials Needed: Bust of Elvis, Vampire Teeth, Ram’s Blood (to be daubed liberally around the mouth), Two Red LED lights for the eyes

  11. 23: Follow up version to previous prank- add in a few Elvis Impersonators and even more Vampire Teeth.

  12. Of course, Baldwin is going about this all wrong now- Stealing the Elvis has been done to death… Being kidnapped and/or held hostage by the Bust of Elvis however has not.

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