September 30 – October 12, 2013

Sorry for the tardiness of this new comments thread.  I forgot to put it up last night, and I haven’t been able to get back to my computer until now.

Under the Wednesday comic, I’ll also be announcing a small contest, with the prize being Eternal Fame and Glory or maybe a postcard or something:

Take a look at the comic for Saturday, September 28th, then create your own prank proposal.  Mercenary Pen has already given it a shot in the old comments thread.  I expect insanity, people.


10 thoughts on “September 30 – October 12, 2013

  1. I’m guessing it has to be a way to steal the Elvis… so…here goes.

    Okay, first, I call up Hardison… and oh wait, no, that’s Leverage… A shame, cause he and Parker and Sophie would have had fun with this… okay then, new plan!

    So, we get Pike stuffed to the gills with dreamberries to cause a commotion, while Strongbow… No, that’s Elfquest…

    One more time, then. Agetha will build a clank that… No, that’s Girl Genius….

    Okay, so we tell Errol that the Elvis is made of almonds and…. wait that’s…no…wait, he exists! This can work! and he was even in this strip! okay, so here is what we do, we get Debs to argue with Casey…. by pointing out to him that arguing loudly with her is being a living “ooh shiny!”, and by telling him that he has to tell Debs that he wont let Errol finish any work. Cause, you know, he’s Satan. Or not. Then we tell Errol that the Elvis is made of almonds, and that Manda dared him to eat it. While he’s digesting the stone, Manda shoves him into a Totoro costume and rolls him out of there, because by that point, he will have remembered his ankle hurts and wont be able to walk any more. SO! we smuggle the Toto…. Elvis, away, in Errol’s mouth! Yes? No?

    Because if you don’t like that, I do have another idea, it involves the Tardis, three Daleks, and the Vashta Narada…. Oh, and a host of weeping angels.Pre-nerfed.

  2. To tell you the truth, I think calling up Hardison is always a good first step in any plan. There also needs to be an opportunity for Eliot to punch someone, of course.

  3. I’ll stick with my initial proposal and the follow-up… not so much trying to steal the elvis, as convince random passers by that the elvis is a vampire…

  4. Eliot is fun, but Hardison will always be my favorite. Age of the geek, baby. I almost died watching the first season when in the episode after he missed the mission because he stayed up all night playing WoW, someone said, in front of him “you rolled a priest!”. I feel the same way when I play wow or D&D or GURPs and I find out someone in my team rolled up a priest…. 🙂

  5. In other news I’m finally getting around to that archive trawl of WoB that I’ve been putting off for the entire summer. Just another three years (exactly) to catch up by…

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