October 28 – November 9, 2013

Happy Hallowe’en, and boo, and all that.  Have a crude animated GIF banner and a frustrating conversation with Nico.  Expect Marie to lose her temper and do something about the frustration quite, quite soon.

12 thoughts on “October 28 – November 9, 2013

  1. Come on Marie- murdering the fates would be a perfectly rational thing to do in this situation, and people might actually take notice of it for long enough that you could make some progress.

  2. I have a theory: Marie’s indecision represents Kari’s. Kari actually does not know how to end the comic, and is expressing her own feelings and thoughts through Marie.

  3. What is this ‘first’ of exhaustion you are shaking at the marking? *Waits for Kari to shake fist of exhausted indignation at snarky commenters- namely me*

  4. Clearly, I was very, very tired when I posted that. I’ve now corrected it; thanks for pointing the error out.

    It is just possible that I am currently stuck right in the middle of the two most frustrating, tiring, and brain-destroying weeks of term. I still have to mark several hundred assignments and reapply for the second of my two jobs. Oh…and I have three gigs this week. Of course I do.

  5. It could be worse Kari- the first paper could inconsistently misspell writing- in about seventeen different ways.

  6. Fortunately, the only common misspelling of “writing” is “writting.” Unfortunately, seeing the non-word “writting” makes me want to commit violent acts. In what universe would that pronunciation and that spelling go together?

  7. I suppose “riting” and “righting” could also be possible misspellings here, but for some reason, the students rarely seem to go there.

  8. who said anything about common or even possible misspellings here- I’m trying to theorise the sort of essay that will leave Barbara in need of psychiatric help

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