November 11 – 23, 2013

Hurrah…I remembered to make a new comments section.

I’ve got to warn you that this is going to be a teensy bit of a busy fortnight.  What with the 300+ assignments and multiple hundred discussion responses to mark, the comics to create, and the four (count ’em) gigs to do (one of them in Kitchener, for crying out loud), I may not have time for, you know, sleep and stuff.  I suppose sleep is overrated.

In the meantime, Marie and Casey are finally having That Conversation.


25 thoughts on “November 11 – 23, 2013

  1. Ok, off-topic question: my family cares for an international student who wants to apply to colleges in Canada. Is there some kind of book or website that would provide stats and easy comparison of Canadian colleges? Just going to school’s websites is a hassle; it’s hard to find just a quick overview.

  2. Hi, Earthgirl. The standard (unofficial but widely known) university reference guide in Canada is Maclean’s Magazine‘s annual university ranking issue:

    The magazine ranks the various types of post-secondary institutions as per a number of different criteria. It’s not a perfect system, but it will certainly give your friend an idea of what’s out there.

    P.S.: Unfortunately, I don’t believe the full issue is online (it contains much more comprehensive results than that article reveals), but it can be attained.

  3. Note to evil Marie: Imaginary people should avoid needling those who imagine them, for I imagine that imaginary duct tape would have some effect.

  4. Have we speculated about the possibility of Casey also being a figment of Marie’s imagination? There’s an awful lot of evidence that that’s not the case, but is it possible Marie is imagining that too?

    Probably not. But some part of me just decided that that’s the most logical conclusion here. If nothing makes sense, your sense-making machine might be broken.

  5. Oh, also, for reasons incomprehensible, your main page is still displaying the Monday comic. Though going back and then hitting latest comic gives you the Wednesday comic.

    Either that, or I’m hallucinating. Hard to say.

  6. That’s odd, Erwaro. Perhaps you just hadn’t refreshed the page yet…? I’m getting the Wednesday comic on the home page.

  7. I was having the same issue as Erwaro- for some reason it had replaced the home page with the specific page for the Monday strip… So maybe Erwaro should check for a link saying Last under the Monday strip…

  8. Well, now the website is just entirely gone, and I have absolutely no idea why. I also have no way of dealing with this right now, as I need to go to class in a few minutes. I’m pretty sure the WoB site is cursed. How many times has this happened now? I’ve lost count.

  9. You know, I’d say that’s an argument in favor of my guess…

    Also, I’d never heard that word before, ever. Am I just not well-enough read?

  10. Yeah. I looked it up, but it’s just not all that often that I encounter a word I’ve never seen before that doesn’t seem to be slang or a new acronym.

  11. Yeah, it sounds pretty neat. I had to use the audio thing on the dictionary, though. I’m awful at pronouncing things. A lot of the time I’ll just go with a pronunciation that I know is really, really wrong, just so that I can find out the correct way to pronounce it and/or pass it off as intentional. Both, ideally, but you take what you can get.

    Oh, also, the site seems to be doing the same thing it was doing last time for me (shows the previous comic on the main page, with the “last” link taking me to the most recent comic successfully, though I have to go to a previous comic to get a “last” link). Google Chrome, if that helps. Most likely you’re as confused as I am, or more, but…

    And it’s not a case…

    What the?

    Ok, situation changed while I was typing this. Going to the page again, just in case, showed me the Wednesday comic, then I refreshed (after a wait of 4 seconds, absolute max), and voila, Friday comic. And closing that and going to the main page again again showed the Friday comic. So I guess my problem is solved.

    Maybe my computer is doing something funny with cookies? I are not a tech person.

    Problem solved maybe hopefully! Wheeeeeee!

  12. Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on there. It sounds to me as if your browser is showing you a cached page until you refresh (which is not uncommon, though it IS uncommon for the cached version to keep coming back). I don’t think I can do anything about this on my end; it seems to be just one of those aggravating things.

  13. If Casey is telling the truth and Evil Marie is real, then I think the Maries have something to do with Goldmarie and Pechmarie. Still waiting for Frau Holle, though.

  14. I’m not convinced that the term “imaginary friend” quite conveys the relationship between Marie and Evil Marie- perhaps imaginary nemesis might be better suited?

  15. Also, now that I think about it, I’m surprised you didn’t break off the story to do a colour strip for today’s doctor who episode- doctor who being of moderate importance to some of your characters.

  16. That’s true, MP. I should have. The truth is that I just plain forgot the colour comic was coinciding with the 50th anniversary. Now, of course, I’m kicking myself, but what can you do? Marie may just have to confide in her tiny 11th Doctor soon, though of course, it will be too late for the anniversary.

  17. Never mind, I think at least some of us failed to think of the significance until after the fact (I know I only thought of it afterwards)

  18. I’ve been trying not to be too caustic or too frequent in my remarks about your pacing, especially since things have actually started happening.

  19. Heh. And I appreciate that. And oh, look, I forgot to start a new thread. I shall do that now.

    I think it’s pretty clear to all concerned that I don’t want the comic to end. It’s almost like having my own Evil Marie throwing narrative-based roadblocks in my way. However, I SHALL POWER THROUGH, AND JUSTIC WILL PREVAIL.

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