November 25 – December 7, 2013

9 thoughts on “November 25 – December 7, 2013

  1. Note to Casey, real names do not generally include descriptors like Evil. Mercenary, on the other hand, is a perfectly acceptable name.

  2. You realise you’re saying this to a character created by someone who sometimes calls herself “Angry Kem,” right?

  3. Is this an obscure reference to the Charlemagne story related by Petrarch? In it, Charlemagne was hopelessly in love with a corpse, and wouldn’t be parted with it. It turned out the woman had concealed a magic ring under her tongue, which the Archbishop found and threw in a lake. Then Charlemagne could no longer even look at the corpse, but the lake became his favorite place in the world.

  4. Ah ha ha…no, it was just more nonsense from Casey. But that’s a fantastic story.

    Casey is about to embark upon a…rather interesting encounter.

  5. I’m confused… what’s that mound that has the Doctor on top? At first I thought it might be a Close Encounters of the Third Kind type of construction Marie made, but after googling it’s not the right shape.

    Or am I reading too much into it?

  6. Stefan: it is either a very small mountain or the top bit of a larger mountain. The Doctor is sitting on top of this mountain like a guru in a comic strip (specifically, this is a reference to a running gag in the comic strip B.C.). Alas, the mountain is not quite the right shape for Close Encounters.

    Here is an example of a B.C. guru-on-the-mountain strip:

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