December 9 – 15, 2013

Good news, everyone:  one last time, WoB is moving to a daily schedule.  This schedule will continue until whenever the comic ends.  Will it be over by Christmas?  Nope.  However, the end is in sight, or so I currently claim.

12 thoughts on “December 9 – 15, 2013

  1. Evil Marie may be real, but in what sense? She’s still invisible to the others, and seems to be linked to Marie: we’ve never seen Evil Marie far from Marie’s side…

  2. Casey’s cane got un-burnt?

    This is getting (even more) interesting anyhow. West of Bathurst is actually the first story webcomic I ever read – since then I’ve read about a hundred more, and WoB is still one of my favourites – so it’s kinda exciting and sad that it will be ending soon. Enjoying it.

  3. I’m sensing that I’m going to want to reread the whole thing from the beginning. Fun stuff is happening

  4. 1) Casey’s cane is burnt only on one side. In retrospect, I should have left in the burnt bits in the first panel there.

    2) Marie is not superfluous. Nico’s theory is not necessarily wholly correct, as he doesn’t know Evil Marie’s motivations and is really only guessing at Casey’s. With luck, I’ll be able to address these aspects of the story in the coming weeks.

  5. Ahahaha Marie’s face on reading the comment about the sink… I wonder if she checks… I would definitely look if that had been written to me. I love this.

  6. Yeah, the very first thing I’d do after reading that would be to check under the sink.

    Ok, maybe I’d grab a blunt object first, just in case, but that’s really part of checking on what’s going on under the sink, so…

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