January 6 – 12, 2014

Yay.  The flu has made me get further behind.  How happy the flu makes me.  It is lovely not to be able to get out of bed.


17 thoughts on “January 6 – 12, 2014

  1. Hmmmm…I don’t actually have a problem with it (What does “time” really mean, anyway?) but the current comic claims to be Wednesday’s comic. It follows directly after Monday’s comic, and I think you meant the current comic to be for Tuesday, not Wednesday.

    However, I could be wrong. Just want to point it out in case you hadn’t noticed.

    Get some sleep. Sleep is delicious.

  2. Ok, speculation on what folkloric figure Evil Marie is supposed to be? I tried googling midwinter disembowellment fairy tale p, and I got nothing.

  3. No, the closest Krampus equivalent in WoB is Casey. EM is someone else. However, you’ve got the general culture more or less correct. Just think female instead of male.

  4. Nobilis: Nope, not that one.

    This one’s most commonly associated with Twelfth Night, though she’s also sometimes conflated with a particular saint whose feast day is earlier in the season.

  5. Yeah, there was a female person involved in that whole thing, too, which made more sense from a gender perspective, but I didn’t see any mention of immolation or disembowelment. Though it might help if I did research beyond the wikipedia article…

    Oh, yup, there it is. Perchta. Interesting name. 5 entries down: “One of the common motifs around Perchta is that of the belly slitter, punishing people who betrayed cultural norms.”

    I don’t think I like that very much. I regard cultural norms in much the way I regard, say, slugs. I’m not opposed to them, just don’t get them on me.

  6. Yep…you’ve got her. Her name is sometimes also written “Bertcha,” which means that in English, she’s called Bertha. I find that kind of awesome.

    Perchta’s belly slitting seems to perform a similar function to Krampus’s beating children and carrying them off to Hell: both Krampus and Perchta are figures used to frighten people into good behaviour (though Perchta also has positive aspects, while Krampus is the negative figure in a positive/negative pair). Perchta doesn’t just slit bellies, incidentally; she slits them so she can remove the entrails and fill the cavity with twigs and leaves.

    She is NOT associated with fire, which is why I had EM be surprised at the whole things-bursting-into-flame deal. The first fire incident also happened in the summer, not the winter. She seems to have discovered a new talent (over which she has very little control).

  7. So Casey needs to forget stuff.

    Perhaps he can do so by drinking of the waters of Lethe. Will he cross that bridge when he comes to it, by going west of Bathurst as far as Leth-bridge?

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