January 13 – 19, 2014

Still behind and likely to get further behind, but I’m keeping up as best I can, and we’re heading down the home stretch now.  I’m not entirely sure how many weeks are left, but “only a few” is probably a fair characterisation at this point.  This makes me sad, of course.

8 thoughts on “January 13 – 19, 2014

  1. I like Marie’s expression in the next to last panel. It’s the expression of someone I would like to hug, but would not hug because I don’t want to be injured.

  2. Heh…that’s a great way of putting it, Erwaro. And Evil Marie looks as if she’s sharing your thought.

    Yours appears to be the only comment (besides mine) this week. Sadness.

  3. Ooh, Evil Marie lost her creepy smile and is being sensible. I’m starting to like her even more (especially after the exposition as to who she is). I do wanna know what she really looks like, though (not that I ever expect to find out…)

  4. I reread the entire archive in the last week because I was sad that the story was wrapping up. It was quite an entertaining way to pass the time and I re found lots of details I had forgotten. I wish I had a better understanding of some of the referenced mythology, but I’ll learn a bit here and there, and maybe someday think back with “oh! I was first exposed to that idea in WOB, *now* I understand the green” or something.

  5. Rin: I’m sorry I haven’t spelled out all the folklore and mythology in the comic itself; sometimes I’ve wanted to, but my instinct has always been just to let people find it for themselves. If no one had ever noticed any of it, I probably wouldn’t have said anything about it, but I’m glad you guys began to catch on after a while. I don’t think it’s entirely a bad thing not to know much about the referenced details. As you observe, you may encounter them later, and it’s always fun when something like that clicks into place.

  6. I have actually learned a fair amount about mythology and cultural history through webcomics, and it frequently sends me to google/wikipedia, so I see it as an all around good thing. I have followed some of the discussion here in comments, but don’t make it every week, so I am sure I have missed bits. Perhapse I will go back ad read to fill the WOB void when you finish up. 😉

    Another webcomic I have learned a lot from is satwcomic.com and the authors associated site humoncomics.com. She is particularly interested in scandanavian folklore so I get bits a pieces I would have never been exposed to. (her comics are frequently nsfw though- just a warning)

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