January 20 – 27, 2014

I’m still behind, but at least I’m not further behind.  And now there will be suspense and stuff.  Hurrah for suspense.

8 thoughts on “January 20 – 27, 2014

  1. No…this is the final form of the bit of fabric that has apparently been growing spontaneously in Casey’s violin case. Its implied oriign is the three ladies you guys have been calling the Fates.

  2. Meant as a compliment … given the plot lines and depth of character development, I think this story managed to go beyond what a four-panel web-comic could reasonably do. And while I don’t like so much hearing about all the stuff that I keep missing because I’m not versed enough in this or that aspect of medieval-what-have-you literature or folklore, I would enjoy quite a lot being schooled on this through footnotes or in the appendices and commentary. This to me would be added value for a printed version of the strip, particularly when I know it is all coming from a scholar in the field. It might be the geek in me talking but I wish there was an “Explain West of Bathurst” for those of us that enjoy the strip but are not catching all the details. Either way, and risking a faux pas: Kari … respect.

  3. Thanks, Tobias. And yes, you’re absolutely right. I’m currently trying to figure out how to turn WoB into a huge printed block of paper that might be used to kill a man, and I’m definitely planning to create a “The Mythology of WoB” section or something like that. I do feel bad that this stuff isn’t explained directly in the comic and is therefore not accessible to everyone, but I do think explaining it would have kind of made it all less ambiguous while it was actually happening. However, I have no objection with explaining it when the comic is done.

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