It Never Rains: Font

In It Never Rains news: I have created a font based on my own handwriting so that I no longer have to fight a losing battle against my own perfectionism (which, oddly enough, never leads to perfection) when doing the lettering for my comics. Seriously, my lettering technique was ridiculous. I was ashamed to tell […]

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It Never Rains: Header and Trailer

Hello, all.  As I am apparently incapable of going a single day without working on comics, I spent the day after WoB ended creating a header for It Never Rains.  Here it is: In addition, long-time WoB reader Nur Hussein has made the new comic a little trailer.  It’s available here: I’m not ready to reveal […]

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February 3 – 9, 2014

Thus we come to the last seven WoB strips ever.  I shall be spending this week quite, quite upset.  Endings make me sad, and this has been an ending seven and a half years in the making.  I may be a little attached to the characters by this point. My plan is to finish by next […]

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