It Never Rains: Font

In It Never Rains news: I have created a font based on my own handwriting so that I no longer have to fight a losing battle against my own perfectionism (which, oddly enough, never leads to perfection) when doing the lettering for my comics. Seriously, my lettering technique was ridiculous. I was ashamed to tell people about it. When I started West of Bathurst, I just lettered the damn comics. Then I started “improving” the lettering in Photoshop. Then the “improvement” evolved from the occasional tweak to a full-scale resculpting of every. Single. Letter. It took hours. Frankly, it took longer than drawing the comic did. I knew this was very silly of me, especially as the lettering ended up crooked half the time anyway, but I couldn’t stop.

I think it may just be time for me to move to computerised lettering. To ease the transition, I have made my own font (with an online font creator discovered by Errol Elumir; thanks, Errol). In the paragraph below (which is actually an image, so it should appear unaltered), you can see what it looks like and read more about my strange, strange approach to lettering.

(And yes, I have also posted this message on stupid Facebook.  There are too many places to post stuff now.  It hurts my brain.)


5 thoughts on “It Never Rains: Font

  1. You’ve probably read my thoughts on perfection (and its non-existence) on the D&E site when I posted them there a while back…

  2. Yes, and I completely agree. The funny thing is that I’m not usually a perfectionist; I’m too impatient for that. If I were a true perfectionist, I would never have posted a single comic, as I would have been unable to accept the flaws. I guess maybe I’m an odd kind of incomplete perfectionist; I like things I produce to be not embarrassingly bad, but I can accept that nothing is completely without problems. The new font is a case in point; it’s not perfect, but I’m going to use it as it is. I did, however, spend a fair amount of time making it as nice as I could. Ah well. We all have strange brains.

  3. Is there any such thing as a brain that isn’t strange? Because I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a brain that wasn’t strange…

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