It Never Rains: The Beginning

Hello, everyone still hanging around this blog.  I have posted the first It Never Rains comic.  Here you go:

Yes, I have yet again built the site myself, which means that it’s somewhat old-fashioned and awkward.  Nonetheless, it works for me.  I’ve tried to consider accessibility issues this time around; I explain why in the huge blurb beneath the comic.  Of course, I should be considering accessibility all the time.  I am a bad person.

If you notice any errors on the site, please let me know.  No, there’s no RSS feed at the moment, as the online RSS-creating instructions I’ve found online have succeeded only in confusing the living heck out of me.  I’ll try to see if I can eventually teach myself how to do this stuff.

This blog is now officially not a comments section any more, as I’ve build comments sections right into the new site, but I’m going to keep it around as a general news/Rants site.  I’ll post both WoB and INR news here.

Thanks for sticking around this long.  I hope you enjoy the new comic.


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