CBC Music Searchlight Contest

So this is not comic-related news at all, but ah well.  I have entered CBC Music’s Searchlight Competition, which allows musicians to submit one song each.  Please check out my Searchlight profile page.  Starting on Monday, March 24–i.e., today, unless you’re reading this on Sunday night–you may vote for (or against) me.  You get up to ten votes per day per region (the first stage of the contest is divided regionally).

Now…let me explain.  I understand perfectly well that my music is way, way below the standards of the majority of other entries, and I do not have a hope in hell of winning.  I’ve also had to enter a song whose sound could, well, be of higher quality; the few songs I have where the sound is better are too long to fit the requirements of the contest.  (Also, my voice has improved at least a bit since I recorded that song, “Kids These Days,” in 2012.)  Basically, you’ve got an amateur recording of someone with a barely okay voice singing a song about a vampire.

However, the Toronto-based musicians Debs and Errol, who also have a profile page, have decided it would be kind of a neat idea for as many geeky musicians as possible to enter the contest, thus promoting Canadian geek music just because they can. We may not win, but we can at least let everybody know we exist.  My friends Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson of Copy Red Leader also have a song in the contest, as do Press Start 2 Play and The Blast Processors.  In other words, there are a whole bunch of us, and we’re entering songs that range from extremely spare (uke + voice) to sounding professionally produced.  I know “vote every day” contests can be aggravating, but please consider giving us some attention.  We think the music heard on the radio needs to be altogether weirder, and we are willing to help with that.


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