After-the-Fact WoB Reviews

Hello, all.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that people will start discovering your webcomic after you have ended it.  Well…I guess that’s really only a truth acknowledged by me and applying to me.  It doesn’t apply to, say, Penny Arcade.  But seriously, it’s quite fun to see new people happening upon the completed West of Bathurst and expressing their opinions on the Internet.  Here are a couple:

Gene Wirchenko has some thoughts on WoB and my music, which he expresses in the post “Kari Maaren Rules!”  (I did not choose the title.)  His blog is engagingly written, and he’s quite prolific; he wrote the WoB post on March 19th, and it’s already near the bottom of his blog’s first page.  He writes well, which makes me happy.

The Book Bird is a book-review blog that is relatively new but has already produced some thought-provoking stuff.  It has done a review of West of Bathurst, which, as the blogger, Sakina Murdock, points out, is not exactly a book (though, as I point out, it is certainly long enough to be one, and yes, I do promise it will be one someday).  Ms. Murdoch offers a nice overview of the comic; it’s interesting to see which elements leapt out at her as she read.



2 thoughts on “After-the-Fact WoB Reviews

  1. Yes, I realise, nuttycat. I’ll have time to work on it this summer; my teaching load will be relatively light.

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