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July 21, 2014

WoB Book Progress: Plugging Along

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Hello, all. I’ve been posting daily updates on Facebook, but it’s time for another official blog entry.

I’ve collected a lot of the raw material for the WoB book’s content now; still missing are the cover (or covers if I do it as two books), likely a few incidental images (I have thirteen that I’ve drawn, scanned, and coloured), at least one extra comic storyline, and various small blurbs. The introduction is a work in progress. I’ve compiled all the comics and all the alt-texts, and I’ve written reams of footnotes.

The biggest problem at the moment is financial. The guy doing the design for me is also helping me look for a printer. The printers he has found are prohibitively expensive, which isn’t terribly surprising, considering that this will have to be a 700-page book in full colour. Right now, the crowdfunding campaign would have to raise something like $20,000. Much as I love you guys, I just don’t think there are quite that many of you.

At any rate, I’ll continue to explore my options, then eventually get back to you when I figure out what to do.

Here is one of the incidental images, just for fun. I’ve posted two others on Facebook.

Casey and Barbara



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