WoB Book Progress: Plugging Along

Hello, all. I’ve been posting daily updates on Facebook, but it’s time for another official blog entry.

I’ve collected a lot of the raw material for the WoB book’s content now; still missing are the cover (or covers if I do it as two books), likely a few incidental images (I have thirteen that I’ve drawn, scanned, and coloured), at least one extra comic storyline, and various small blurbs. The introduction is a work in progress. I’ve compiled all the comics and all the alt-texts, and I’ve written reams of footnotes.

The biggest problem at the moment is financial. The guy doing the design for me is also helping me look for a printer. The printers he has found are prohibitively expensive, which isn’t terribly surprising, considering that this will have to be a 700-page book in full colour. Right now, the crowdfunding campaign would have to raise something like $20,000. Much as I love you guys, I just don’t think there are quite that many of you.

At any rate, I’ll continue to explore my options, then eventually get back to you when I figure out what to do.

Here is one of the incidental images, just for fun. I’ve posted two others on Facebook.

Casey and Barbara



4 thoughts on “WoB Book Progress: Plugging Along

  1. Yay for the progress towards the book!

    Concerning the printing costs: As most of the strips are black-and-white, have you considered following the example of “Complete Peanuts” and doing a black-and-white book?
    (I know this is a heretic suggestion, as it would make the sunday strips less attractive. So I hope you will find a cheaper printer. But if you don’t, I would prefer a black-and-white book to a non-existing one.)

    Thanks for the “A study in Casey” picture!

  2. Noblis: I’ve considered it. However, I would really prefer to be able to collect the comics as they originally appeared. The project WILL happen…somehow. I just don’t know how at the moment.

    “A Study in Casey” is a good title for that image. Barbara would probably call it “A Study in Satan.”

  3. Have you considered looking at a Print-on-demand type approach? (Something like the service that lulu.com provides?). It might allow the cost of the initial publishing runs to be born directly by the people who buy the book.

  4. Yeah…at the moment, I’m planning to go with Lightning Source, another POD company. We’ll see how that works out.

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