New Kickstarter Update: Back Cover, Random Facts About Massey College, SQUIRREL

I’ve posted a new Kickstarter update here:

The update will give you a look at the book’s back cover; it will also provide a bit of perfectly solemn information about Massey College. There may be a cameo by the dog from Up. I’m just saying.

The campaign is halfway through, and the project is more than halfway funded, but I’m still, of course, all nervous and stuff ’cause that is how I roll. I should actually be marking right now, not posting updates. I have 25 essays to mark by tomorrow at noon. I think I may be in denial about this. I am in denial about a lot of things. It is probable that it would be a good idea for me to stop typing this blog post and go mark something now. I can’t seem to make myself do it, though. I have a coconut roll in the kitchen. Perhaps I should eat it. Perhaps I should clean something. Perhaps I should write another update. Two in one night is okay, right? Please don’t make me mark again. I promise I’ll be good.

Oh, all right. My marking awaits. Have a good night…if you dare.


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