Kickstarter Update #5: One Week Remains (Yikes)

Hello, all. I’ve posted another Kickstarter update here. It contains samples of the book’s inside layout, profiles of the guest artists, Errol Elumir and Peter Chiykowski, and a fair amount of begging.

We’ve reached $6,171, which is fantastically amazing; we need to get all the way to $7,500 by Friday, October 3rd at 8:55 p.m. If you haven’t yet pledged and are planning to do so, you’re rapidly running out of time. Do consider spreading the word a bit; perhaps there is someone out there who has been looking for WoB all his or her life but hasn’t known it. Several people have pledged straight from Kickstarter, which is encouraging. There is room in the world for a strange, frustrating, labyrinthine comic about grad school and fairy tales.

Thanks for all your support thus far. Let us take the next week to knock this out of the freaking park.

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