WoB Talk

May 21, 2015

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties (Again)

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kari Maaren @ 11:29 pm

This is apparently the week of technical difficulties. It’s apparently not enough that I am locked in an epic struggle with forces beyond my control in an attempt to get someone–anyone–to send me the proofs of the WoB book; now I am completely unable to upload the latest INR comic because FileZilla keeps timing out. I am going to scream. It looks as if I’m once again reduced to posting the comic here and hoping someone will notice.

Here is the comic (you’ll have to click on it for a full-sized version). Let’s hope the company that hosts my site stops assuming this problem is my fault and starts doing something about it instead of sending me a bunch of useless advice that doesn’t work at all.



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