Packing Frenzy

Here’s my latest Kickstarter update: Well, the packages haven’t been mailed out yet, but the books are in boxes. I even have photographic proof. Here we are on Monday night, frantically measuring and cutting and taping and stuffing and labelling and checking things off on a colour-coded list: There was bubble wrap everywhere. That is, […]

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Mysterious Clock

I set you to go off at 7:00 and you did according to you but it was actually 6:30 so where did the extra half hour come from? O Clock of Mystery let me unlock your vast insignificance as a monkey unlocks a banana You must mean something you must mean something you must mean […]

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Hello, everyone. Here is my latest Kickstarter update: Well, it’s finally happened: the West of Bathurst books have arrived in Toronto. They are currently sitting in my friend Kevin’s study in 33 exceedingly heavy boxes. I took delivery of the second batch today, but I was unable to attain photographic evidence because the delivery company’s belated […]

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Here is my latest Kickstarter update. ArgharghargharghTHISISGETTINGSOREAL– *Deep breath* I DID IT I DID IT I ORDERED THE WOB BOOK IT WILL BE ARRIVING IN LIKE EIGHT HUGE CARTONS AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS Soooo… Yes, more delays happened. The printer froze access to my books for about a week after I changed the covers, […]