Here is my latest Kickstarter update. ArgharghargharghTHISISGETTINGSOREAL–

*Deep breath*



Yes, more delays happened. The printer froze access to my books for about a week after I changed the covers, so I couldn’t order them when I said I would. More accurately, the printer froze access to one of the titles but not the other. I had to phone and ask for it to be released, please. Today, I finally got access to both books, and I immediately spent way too many American dollars on them. Now I am hyperventilating a bit.

I don’t know how long they will take to be printed and arrive in Toronto, but with luck, it will be within a couple of weeks. Then I’ll be holding a small shipping party so some friends and I can get together, box the books, CDs, and assorted shiny objects, and at long last get them to you guys.

If you need to change the address you sent in with your survey, please do it now. I’ve left that bit of the survey open, so you can change it right there on Kickstarter, which I THINK notifies me when you do. If you want to be even more sure I get the information, send the new address to

A couple of other important pieces of information:

1) If you are in Toronto, you can pick your book up at the official launch, which will be held in conjunction with the Massey Alumni Barbecue at Massey College on July 31st. Here’s the event page on Facebook:

Please sign up if you think you may go so that the organisers (the whole WoB thing is really just piggy-backing on a larger event) know how many non-Masseyites to expect. There will be food for sale and beer for free, and I am making surreptitious plans involving maple doughnuts (though they may not pan out because Tim Hortons doesn’t always have maple doughnuts). As well, if you are planning on coming to the launch but are also one of the people who claimed on your survey that you needed the book to be mailed to you, please drop me a line at so that I don’t mail your book out. I have an ultra-efficient spreadsheet I am using to keep track of all this stuff.

2) I have not forgotten about the ebook. In fact, a PDF version of it already exists. However, some exciting and mysterious things are happening with what may possibly turn out to be a more professional sort of version of the ebook. I can’t make a proper announcement quite yet because I don’t have permission, but stay tuned, and rest assured that I am not quietly and shiftily trying to get out of producing an ebook at all. I am, in fact, attempting to produce a SUPER-AWESOME ebook, so there’s that.

3) I have also not forgotten about e-mailed thank yous, postcards, fist bumps, or the Massey choir portrait. Those are coming. Actually, since only three pledgers went for the Postcardity level, the postcard people may get something rather special and handmade. We shall see. Weeeeee shaaaalllllll seeeeee…

Thanks for all the patience and support thus far. THIS THING IS TOTALLY HAPPENING RELATIVELY SOON.



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