Hello, everyone. Here is my latest Kickstarter update:

Well, it’s finally happened: the West of Bathurst books have arrived in Toronto. They are currently sitting in my friend Kevin’s study in 33 exceedingly heavy boxes. I took delivery of the second batch today, but I was unable to attain photographic evidence because the delivery company’s belated “We’ve told you nothing so far about the status of this shipment, but SURPRISE! it’s on the truck now” message necessitated me rushing over to Kevin’s so quickly that I forgot my camera. Also, the webcam on my Lenovo laptop is impossible to use as, you know, a camera. I know. I’ve tried. I can’t actually find any way of using it for anything but Skype. Lenovo can be a frustrating brand at times.

At any rate, the books are here, and the books are pretty, and the books are enormous, and early next week, the books will be mailed to you. There will also be some virtual fist bumps coming to some of you at about the same time, and the other rewards will follow.

If you’re in Toronto and plan to attend the launch on July 31st, now would be the time to confirm that so I don’t accidentally mail your book to you. Here, again, is the relevant information:


Super-secret plans for the electronic version are still in the works. With luck, there will be news soon.

Thank you all for your patience. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, AND I AM VERY EXCITED.



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