Packing Frenzy

Here’s my latest Kickstarter update:

Well, the packages haven’t been mailed out yet, but the books are in boxes. I even have photographic proof. Here we are on Monday night, frantically measuring and cutting and taping and stuffing and labelling and checking things off on a colour-coded list:

There was bubble wrap everywhere.
There was bubble wrap everywhere.

That is, clockwise, Bruce, Angela, Debs, the top of my head, Manda, and Mike. Kevin is missing because he’s the one taking the picture. Peter and Errol arrived later. It took us only about two and a half hours to take sixty-two books, nineteen CDs, and seven shiny objects and produce this:

Holy box-heavy hallway, Batman.
Holy box-heavy hallway, Batman.

Debs took this picture. I did have a camera with me, but I got overwhelmed and forgot it was there. I didn’t manage to record the fist bumps either. Everyone was in far too much of a hurry.

At any rate, I tried to do some mailing yesterday, but I failed because the postal lady talked to me sternly, accused my packages of weighing too much, lectured me on the cost of packages that weighed over 2 kg, and insisted I repack everything. This is not going to happen, and besides, Bruce discovered last night that the hardcover weighs over 2 kg on its own, but it was 31 C plus humidity yesterday, and I had just walked for twenty-five minutes to the post office with three heavy packages, and I spent the rest of the day being tired and hot and not filling in the twenty-three American customs forms the lady had thrust at me. That will be my next job.

The packages will be sent out in a few days, I hope. For now, at least they exist.

Don’t forget that the launch is on July 31st at Massey College. This is your last chance to tell me if you’re coming; if you don’t tell me, it is doubtful your book will be there (I’ll have a few extras, but only a few, as those suckers weigh over 2 kg each, apparently).

We’re getting there. Soon, people will have books. My packing minions were impressed by the heft of the books, by the way. Oh…and the content. But mostly the heft.

One last thing: my friend Peter Chiykowski, who has run two successful Kickstarters, has started his third. This one is a musical one, and it has some great perks. I am participating in it in a minor capacity, as are a number of other geeky musicians. Please check it out here, and support it if you can.


2 thoughts on “Packing Frenzy

  1. Today, I got my book! (German mail would have delivered it earlier, but I was on holiday, so I had to get it from the post office.)
    It is amazing! Best prize ever! THANK YOU, KARI!
    Of course, now I have to reread the whole comic in print, so I won’t sleep for days and turn into Evil Nobilis before the end of the week.

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