Unboxing Video: Weave a Circle Round ARCs

I got my Weave a Circle Round advance reader copies in the mail today. I’ll eventually have to figure out fun things to do with them, but for now, here’s an overly long video of me unboxing them and reading stuff from the cover (and a short passage from the book). I get a bit excited and say “Oh my goodness” a lot (it later morphs into “Oh my God”). I don’t know what’s up with the expression I’m making in the thumbnail.


9 thoughts on “Unboxing Video: Weave a Circle Round ARCs

  1. No problem. Even if we weren’t acquainted, I would have bought your books. I’ve been reading your comic strips for years.
    So how does Tor advertise books from new authors? Will you have to do signings and media interviews? Travel the country?

  2. I think a lot of the marketing is going to involve blogs and social media. The marketing team hasn’t talked to me yet; I believe that will happen at some point during the summer. At the moment, I don’t know exactly what we’re doing. Big publishers don’t send debut authors on book tours, so there won’t be any travel unless I happen already to be going somewhere myself.

  3. Well, I can’t wait to read your book. I assume that is true of everyone who reads your comic strips. Good luck!

  4. By the way, I was expecting to see a review of Wonder Woman on your blog? Do you plan to write one? What did you think?

  5. Thanks, Preethi. I was going to write a review of Wonder Woman, but ultimately, everything I wanted to say about it was said by other people. Then the marking attacked.

    Long story short: I liked it a lot. I agree with what people are saying about a lack of intersectionality, which is certainly a problem that needs to be addressed, but there’s also plenty of good stuff going on here. Some of what I wanted to say (and may still say; I’m still piecing it together in my head) involves the way we tend to viciously attack films that are trying to be, well, NOT misogynistic, but when something like The Mummy or Transformers 567,000 (I’ve lost track) comes out, we shrug and go, “Well, of course they treat women badly. Nothing we can do about that.” Films that try SHOULD be critiqued; their feet SHOULD be held to the fire. Critics should absolutely go over Wonder Woman with a fine-tooth comb and discuss all the stuff that can be done better next time. However, films that DON’T try shouldn’t get a free pass. We’re never going to change anything if we treat the status quo as inevitable.

  6. Different reviews addressed different points. Would have still liked to read yours. I’ve only seen the movie once so far. I enjoyed it. Well I really enjoyed the first two thirds. The last third didn’t feel as strong as the beginning. This might be because I guessed who Ares was early on (the English pub scene). Part of me was hoping the crazy female scientist was Ares … gender fluid identity would have been refreshing (if Greek gods can turn into swans/bulls etc changing gender should be easy. Didn’t think it was likely to happen though). Anyway, I wish there had been more scenes between Diana, Steve and the guys. They could have axed the “future” scene bit in the beginning or put it in the end, after credits. I guess they didn’t want to copy Marvel. The ending felt like the director was thinking “this feels too much like Captain America, let’s change things up”. Chris Pine’s character goes through so much to get Diana to understand that you cannot get rid of evil by killing one god and then what happens, Diana kills Ares and the war ends! [Banging head against a wall!] Still I really enjoyed the movie. Looking forward to the sequel. Wish Chris Pine’s character was still alive. I really liked the banter between them. I plan to watch wonder woman again to see if I still have the same opinion the second time around.

  7. Well, I’ll consider it. And yes, I agree with you about the final third. I think part of the problem is that the ending seems by-the-numbers for a superhero movie instead of following the logic of the story.

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