Oh, Look, It’s 2018

Blog 42 12017 was the most ridiculously busy year ever. It was so ridiculously busy that paradoxically, I feel as if I got nothing done in it. One of the things I definitely didn’t get done was proper maintenance of this blog. Therefore, I’ve given it a bit of a New Year’s facelift. The old cramped style was a necessity of the blog’s old function as the West of Bathurst comment section during a time when the West of Bathurst site was having some serious issues, and I had to post the comics on the blog. Back then, there were few blog themes that would allow me to post full comics at readable size, so I chose one that would. It was really, really ugly, but it was also serviceable. It is way past time to say goodbye to it.

Under the bad points, I can’t figure out how to get the blog menu to allow you to access old posts without scrolling through everything. Maybe I’ll manage it eventually.

Have some Random Thoughts About 2017:

  1. I can’t figure out whether it was worse than 2016 or not. On a personal level, it definitely wasn’t, but since 2016 was the year my mum died, 2017 was never quite going to hit that low point (I can say that for sure because it’s over). On the other hand, 2017 was kind of terrifying. World War Three didn’t start…quite. The world hasn’t ended…yet. My anxiety dreams tend to range from “I have an exam and I didn’t study and I’m not wearing pants and everybody’s waiting for me but I’m not ready” to “We are all running away from the apocalypse,” but they definitely shaded more towards the latter in 2017.
  2. I know I mentioned my book a lot last year, and I’ll probably mention it a fair amount this year too. I can’t help it. Being a published author has been a dream of mine for a long time. I’m still waiting to see how it all turns out. Weave a Circle Round‘s reviews have mostly been good, but certainly not exclusively. It appears to be about as polarising as The Last Jedi, though not quite as widely known. Reading some of the book blog reviews has been…unpleasant…but hey, people like what they like. Like most new authors, I am currently discovering that a book can simultaneously be “dazzling,” “boring,” “astounding,” “confusing,” “a timeless classic,” and “filled with idiotic characters.” “Audaciously realistic fantasy” is my favourite description thus far because the Globe and Mail reviewer who came up with that phrase was clearly soaring on the wings of poesy, damn it all anyway.
  3. I wrote a new novel in 2017. It’s kicking my butt a bit, but I am going to whip it into shape. Take that, new novel.
  4. Other things I did in 2017 include: teaching way too many students; beginning to learn ASL; drawing comics; writing music that sometimes got a little political and at other times was just sort of OKAY THIS IS A SONG ABOUT LUKE SKYWALKER LOVING HIS DAD SURE; becoming used to riding a folding bike; joining a writing group; discovering the wonders of bookplates; trying, with the help of Cynthia Gould, to make my website look slightly less 1995; continuing to attempt to get better at the harp; reading new books when I could (it was hard to find time when reading ten thousand essays about Twitter was more urgent); writing bad poetry; doing a blog tour; tearing myself away from Wacom tablets for the first time in ten years; acquiring my very first cell phone; cleaning my apartment, then losing control of it, then cleaning it, then losing control of it, then cleaning it, then losing control of it.

My projections for 2018:

  1. I will clean my apartment, then lose control of it.
  2. I will finish this book and make it okay and deal with the climax and thrust my fist in the air in triumph.
  3. I will at some point go into a spiral because I have too many students and not enough time to mark their stuff.
  4. I will accidentally sign something dirty in ASL, as I did last year during my final exam.
  5. I will have a hard time getting to sleep at least ten times due to fear of imminent nuclear war.
  6. I will get sick just before or in the middle of a convention.
  7. I will convince at least one student to buy a stapler.
  8. It will be one of those smaller Swingline staplers that look relatively innocuous but can punch through about twenty sheets without a problem.
  9. I will defend the new Doctor against at least three people.
  10. I will defend The Last Jedi against at least twelve people.
  11. I will come up with an exciting new idea designed to streamline my marking while simultaneously making an important assignment’s instructions crystal clear to my students.
  12. This will completely backfire, leaving me with twice as much work as before, a slew of e-mails complaining about how confusing the instructions are, and two hundred and fifty off-topic assignments that do not follow the instructions at all.
  13. I will mention the weather far too often.

Happy 2018, everybody, and to start things off: isn’t it cold out there today?

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