Emergency Post (With a Comic in It)

If you’ve checked out Yesterthread, you’ve noticed that the Massey server is currently down because the resnet dudes have appropriated the relevant hard drive.  In order to get you your comic in some form, at least (well, it’ll be up on the Other Site in an hour or so, but I get neurotic if I can’t post the comic in more than one place), I’ve changed the theme of this site so that the field is wide enough to accommodate the comic.  Here it is:


There you go.  With luck, the server will be back up tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Emergency Post (With a Comic in It)

  1. The site is up again, but I’m stuck in my office for several more hours, and I idiotically left the relevant damned files at home (even though I made a point of transferring them to my USB key, which I then apparently left in my apartment). I’ll get the comic up this evening. Not that it’s hugely urgent, since it’s available in two other places (including, like, this one), but I still feel bad.

  2. Any chance of going back to the original layout for this place now that the crisis is over? Is a bit too classy for my taste, I like the design of the old dump better. As their say “Better the devil you know.”

  3. Well…I’m not sure exactly what the old layout was called…but I’ll try looking for it or something similar. And…er…this is “classy”? This is the most basic layout imaginable.

  4. Thanks Kari, for putting up with my strange demands not just this time but for all the other time as well.

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